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Because Japanese stars basically make my day~

NEWS & Hey!Say!JUMP pwn your face. ^_^

Yo. The name's Jess. ^_^

I love lOvE LoVe NEWS, Hey!Say!JUMP, Ya-Ya-Yah, Miura Haruma, Arashi and mostly all the other Johnny's and people from dramas out there. I speak English(of course), Filipino, and some Japanese, which I'm trying very hard to learn, lol.

I really like watching JDramas. I don't watch TV anymore because of this. I'm pretty addicted to Japanese things, so I almost always listen to Japanese music, watch Japanese shows, and all of my electronic devices are filled with Japanese stars. I'm so n00b-ish,haha.

God is the BEST, because He gave us life and made stars and people which we all admire now. He is the Almighty Father and Jesus Christ is the Savior and only Son of God...Thus, from that, you can assume that I'm a Catholic...

I'm not that picky about the whole friends thing, so if we have something in common, feel free to add me. I'll add back! ^_^